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Author: Mattanaw, Christopher Matthew Cavanaugh

Former Chief Architect, Adobe Systems

Created Saturday, June 25th, 2022, 7:33 PM Alaska Time

I had a large number of positive experiences and accomplishments related to my procedure of tracking my details, and reminding myself of important topics, using my life-categories, in my personal-form.

Here are some of those accomplishments that directly relate, or seem to relate.

The purpose of this practical portion of my system of ethics is to provide a framework of action, reflection, and training, impacting all areas of life that have importance for overall well being with nothing of serious importance left out.

The objective of this system unlike other systems is not to continue using the system once success was achieved, but to discontinue use of the system for as long as the training and habituation remains and there are no changes that seemt to require renewed attention on the system.

If you compare the various successes in my life above with what is presented in the life categories and collected details in the personal form, which is a life journal of data collection and reminders, you’ll see they match up. Meaning if you train on each of the life-categories like you are in school learning an array of subjects the expected result is learning which should allow for finishing training, at least temporarily until renewed training is necessary. Today after a very long period not using the personal form but still having what I learned and trained in my awareness, with the result that I was still training along the way without using the same tools, I did experience some life changes which did prompt a feeling that there are some needs which would make returning to the personal form worthwhile.

The larger part of this recognition however relates to my desire to work on this website until a point that my history of use with this form and my intentions are fully covered. While working on this, and thinking of working on this earlier, I did relate my categories to new needs I have, and new priorities.

The needs for the form need not have to do with serious life challenges. I am now fond of saying “My life is easy” because it is, but that does not mean I will not notice changes and new ways of thinking that may make journaling and new data collection and new approaches to life at new phases worthwhile.

What is important to convey on this page however is that success in all of these areas not only was possible, but became reality. It is not a surprise to me that I would be successful though in each area. What was surprising, and is surprising, is how successful I became. It is not clear that I won’t be more successful in the future, but at this point in my life, I’ve had enough success that I’m willing to be less successful than more, and of course later I will head into decline anyway.

People seem to have some expectations for themselves that are too compartmentalized, thinking that if they had one particular success it’s all they need, and it includes all other successes. I think that may lead to disappointment with the feelings associated with the success obtained, because while one thing was gotten, it did not imply that all the other things were also gotten alongwith it. This approach leads to the potential gaining of all things that one might relate in life to achieve a kind of more comprehensive success. With combined successes along each of the life categories with nothing missing it is apparent that the success is complete and is inclusive of what was really wanted and not exclusive. If exclusive, then it would signal an incompleteness in the life categories as they were chosen, or a conception of the life categories.

This page may lead to the incorrect estimation that I’m only interested in success, or final outcomes related to efforts and the realization of goals. That is far from the case. The process to me is enjoyable, and I’ve had an easy time in my life because of improvements along the way, and of course, I enjoyed my various talents, their expressions, have acted well, have no regrets, and am variously fulfilled.

There are other moral and philosophical assumptions that go into my worldview and reaction to my own successes and understanding about things I cannot control, like future decline in health, and potential subjection to injury, and I think that information too is important for the reader to have access to; however, the way of speaking on that topic is somewhat different than the manner of speaking about this one, and this one is amenable to other ways of thinking philosophically. Practically this is an effective procedure at life training, and while other philosophical considerations support and improve its utilization, it cannot be expected that the reader will have time and attention for understanding both parts.

It may be said that this part of my ethic is a practical part, while the other part seems more theoretical; and this would fit in with earlier thinkers in their division of the topic. Except there is a big diffference, maybe, in that I don’t think of the theoretical part as really theoretical, so much as abstract and general, and interdisciplinarian in other ways. To give an example, the moral philosophy is fundamentally naturalistic and not religious. Someone could use a religious text as an important part of their life and still use the practical approach with this form, and use it effectively without any additional knowlege of my moral philosophy. My moral philosophy I think informs the usage more, however, but it appears to be more of a replacement of religion which requires certain studies that differ from what the focus of this form includes. Interestingly the habits and training related to education and the collection of categories covering a life are similar regardless of whether one imagines oneself to be religious or naturalistic in the moral view of life. Consider this:

This does not state everything but it’s clear here that the needs of people resemble each other enough that a framework such as this can apply even if there are major differences as to facts related to moral philosophy, which might include things as superfluous as assumptions about whether aliens or supernatural entitities exist. You could include those considerations in addition to the items above if you thought they were important enough and you would still get most of what you need and would still find utility from this approach.

Using this approach you are like a parent to yourself, watching the different parts of your life attentively to make sure nothing falls apart, and to be sure that priorities are recognized. Finding that you can be useful to yourself in these ways is intensely rewarding, and I can attest to this myself, having created it (which you would do if you created one for you), having used it by myself without any special motivation from anyone, and having still arrived at predictable success, because attention to each of the areas and self-training is adequate to realize the goals, while accepting that certain things are not within control.

I felt fortunately that most in my life was in my control, much of the time. However, for those who might not have power to influence certain parts of life, there is the idea that one can control what one can and feel the rewards, and come to contentment about what cannot be controlled.

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