Created: Sunday, September 18th, 2022, at 4:45 PM Arizona Time

Below is a list of some books I’ve read, to give the reader some understanding of my reading history. This list is not complete, but provides what I’ve shared previously on Facebook to others, and includes those volumes I can easily recall.

It should not be considered an exhaustive list of my readings, and does not include many readings from my successful career in technology. While working, in retrospect, I cannot recall any other colleagues having books on their desks, not to call them out, or to say they did not read! However, my reading was very obvious and open, and I really did depend on technical books to advance my career and would advocate greatly for reading to enable improvement in career growth. It also does not include textbooks I’ve purchased for the many classes I’ve had in my extensive education, that I also read with care and interest, preferring textbooks to instructors. Textbooks are typically written by very knowledgeable teachers from better universities, which is a reason, considering the choices and situations of others, I don’t advocate for attending the very best universities, but those that are most appropriate to conditions and the details about the person. Reading material will come from good instructors, very likely, and if one actually reads it, one has gotten and education partly from other universities.

If you really read a textbook completely from a university professor at Oxford, you have done what that instructors students at Oxford won’t do.

I would read while working out too, which is a cause of being able to complete as many books as I have.

While I’ve read extensively, I would argue that in comparison to what others claim regarding their reading, I have not read that much; however, there is an easy explanation for that. People don’t read as much as they say they do.

I’m an advocate of slow and careful reading, with interaction with works. Going by my own reading rate, and observations of the reading behavior of others (which is absent, at work, at the gym, where I also read, at coffee houses, and pretty much everywhere else I can think of, except maybe in private at home, which is conveniently unobservable), I know that a very small number of books can actually be completed, even with considerable time investment.

I believe since I’ve had so much time observing, that it is pretty certain people have completed very few books, and I’m not any kind of advocate of completion either. I should better say, that I don’t think people’s reading rates and reading behavior really substantiates any claims to quantity of text read and comprehended. I’ll stop reading a book if I’m not satisfying my reading objectives, since books are for me, for learning, and not for having a completion tally, to show off to others. Yet, here, I am showing off a little perhaps, on both completion, since I complete books, but also, total quantity comprehended.

I have also included some works that I’m reading now, slowly and surely, to a stopping point which might include no longer benefiting, if not finishing, which is the norm, but not the only way of stopping.

Newly in progress, to add many more soon.