Open Health and Identity

Christopher Matthew Cavanaugh

November 22nd, 2019

Original Edition

Terms and Conditions Exclusively written, edited (when that happens), and maintained by Christopher Matthew Cavanaugh. All Rights Reserved.

The purpose of this page is to share my medical records, along with commentary, to provide some useful thoughts on how to improve health.

Like everyone else, I'm on my own journey to understand and improve my own health, and I cannot pretend to be knowledgeable enough to understand every detail of my medical records as presented here.

Nevertheless, I think it is helpful to include reasons why my results are the way they are, how I could do better, and also to include lessons learned as I gain new information.

This page will be updated periodically as I receive new results, and when I am able to upload information from my complete medical records.

The goal is to be open and transparent, as far as that is possible. Things I don't think would be valuable or reasonable to include may be omitted, although it is my desire to include everything I can.

Something that is omitted now, might be revealed later. By later, I don't mean posthumously either! Although, of course, I don't know when death might happen, so I might not be able to include everything.

Please enjoy, and feel free to reach out to me with questions by email at

Tuesday, March 8th, 2022

New Passport After Name Change

My passport after my name change from Christopher Matthew Cavanaugh to Mattanaw.

I retained my entire full name as my middle name to be sure I can easily make use of both during transition.

I really dislike the photo with the long hair, and I don’t even have the long hair any longer.

But it was a fun moment, to have an ID with long hair for the very first time.

Tuesday, March 8th, 2022

ID Cards: School IDs, Driver’s Licenses, and Social Security Card

Below are some forms of identification I’ve had and have used.

Two driver’s licenses, my school ID cards from the University of Maryland, College Park, and Montgomery College. My Highschool ID from Sherwood High in 11th grade, and

my Social Security Card.

Sunday, July 22th, 2021

Mattanaw’s Pilot’s Log Book


The is my Pilot’s log book that I had in my safe deposit box for a few years, while waiting to resume my final lessons to complete my PPL (Private Pilot’s License). I completed all steps except for my final check ride and have flown solo comfortably between multiple towered airports, as is required at the end of training.

This logbook shows my solo endorsements and all training including written. It indicates that my current total number of flight hours is 103.5, which is far above the required 40 for PPL, but far below what is necessary to transport someone via jet.

There are some interesting things about this logbook that people in the public may be interested to hear about. Firstly, an honor system is utilized which is somewhat hopeful, and realistic, about how a student pilot and a trained pilot will record in the logs. It’s not known how accurate anyone’s logbook is and it is possible to falsify a logbook. It would be possible, for example, to copy the handwriting of my instructor and create additional hours and experience, particularly if I am able to examine the log books of friends and others. This is easy to do, so certainly a pilot has an interest in saving money and time by falsifying their books. There is a concept in financial accounting called the “fraud triangle” which gives three conditions which can be used to expect that someone will commit fraud. Necessity and opportunity are two. Pilot training is very expensive, and the opportunity for easy falsification exists. I do not doubt that many pilots have falsified their logbooks. However, I have not falsified my own, Falsification in my case would be more difficult given my transitions between three instructors, each of whom would vouch for each chunk of hours adding to the 103.5, and their signatures and so forth, although it would still be possible that I falsified several rows without their knowledge. After many years it would not be easy for them to recall or recognize falsification.

Another item of interest relating to the logbook is the fact that by posting it here, I have preserved another copy of tit. This logbook is worth between 20 and 30 thousand dollars. This is the reason I was keeping it in a locked safe. If I misplaced it, it would be hard if not impossible to recover the date entered. One could scan and keep other copies, and that is easy enough, but after many years not flying, this logbook was really at risk of being lost. I thought I took it from the safety deposit box with me on a trip to Las Vegas from Anchorage, and thought there was some probability I misplaced it. Gladly I did not. However, now that I’ve posted it online, there will be more than one way to recover it. Firstly it’s on my site. Secondly, it should be in an archive that mirrors sites. Thirdly, it will be any other place in social media I intend to syndicate. By doing this I come close to guaranteeing I would not lose my valuable document. Furthermore, anyone who reads my resume has a quick and easy way to validate that I was and am a pilot.

Sharing private information and identity information opens oneself to opportunities that culturally we are blind to. I do not wish to explain what all those opportunities are, but again, as former Chief Architect of Adobe Systems, and an advisor for large companies in their digital transformations internationally, I still have quite a lot to say.

Sunday, July 18th, 2021

First name, new name.



Some may have noticed that this site is not an alias name, but my actual name.

Here I’m sharing my details concerning my birth and naming, which interestingly, form part of my medical record, and part of my court history.

A change of name is not part of the medical record and is not held in EHR systems. A birth certificate, however, is an identification document relating to birth, which is a health related event. I am not aware of all the details about how birth records are stored, but this birth certificate should tie to my very first medical records, tied to my time in the hospital as an infant, and possibly before that, in my mother’s medical records relating to her pregnancy. This is interesting because it means that her medical records are my medical records too, at least for the period in which she was obtaining care related to my conception and growth. Perhaps, her medical records are my records further back in time, because her health and health conditions relate to my health. For example, if her medical records include anything that would relate to a total health situation that could have influenced my development at conception or in-utero, and beyond, then that’s information I should know about and retain.

Could it be that children should be able to possess their parents full medical records but not the other way around?

This could be something that would influence how parenting is planned, because without an ability to share self with child, it is disputable that the potential parent should never be a parent.

[Written in less than 15 minutes with two typo corrections]

Saturday, July 17th, 2021

My Retinal Photos

[Mostly unedited in keeping with certain goals with work in progress]



Above are my retinal photos!

I was involved in an OPM breach of the Federal government that leaked all my personal information I had with them for my security clearance, including my retinal photos and my fingerprints, according to the documentation I received.

I was also given free identity protection, so I have identity protection, supposedly, just in case anything is done with those documents.

I would share this even if I were not involved in this breach, and these retinal photos were not collected by the Federal Government.

We have been fooled into believing that we need to protect certain pieces of information about ourselves as if our lives were at risk more than if we didn’t. However, I’m of the opinion, again as a former software architect, and current advisor in technology for large enterprise corporations, that personal security needs to be offloaded from the individual. There are many reasons I can provide—for now I’ll just say, I’m only mentioning this much because of “squeaky-wheel” people who complain and try to block personal projects with complaints that amount to first thoughts.

When I purchased the iPhone X I chose to enable the face detection functionality that allows me to unlock my phone by that method instead of my finger print. This technology is very powerful and I was instantly impressed by the speed of the interaction. I hardly notice that my phone needs to unlock before it is ready for use. My personal information is kept with Apple. I do not know at present how to obtain my source facial images, which means I’m at risk of not knowing what information the have about me, or what their engineers have about me, that could be disseminated by them, or disseminated after a breach. If I had this information, it would be a part of my medical identification history, or at least it would be something I could know and understand about myself that is currently locked away. If I had access to these files I could post them to this site, and use them for further verification of my identity by anyone who wants or can use it, and I can also use it as a signature for my work, further confirming the veracity of my writing and my identity.

I will continue to open my identity as I resume my efforts opening my health records here. You may not wish to do the same but I hope you find my shares interesting. We can learn from each other’s health if we share. If you have a reaction against my using my own personal information this way, I hope you consider that I’m not you, and there is no need for me to be concerned about your approach to yourself. However, I am interested in discussion, even if there is disagreement in that conversation.


[Written in 15 minutes with two typo corrections]

Sunday, July 11th, 2021

Finger Prints and Identity Theft


These are my prints and details submitted in relation to purchase of a suppressor/silencer for a .22 LR handgun.

While the purchase is not exactly related to health, the recording of the prints and having a record that is a sort of medical record does relate. This is not held as an EHR but is a health record of sorts, that I will maintain as a health record. It is interesting that I could not simply share this as a medical record already completed. Are my other finger prints not suitable, and are they not, the same?

I am open with sharing and contest views that sharing will result in harm that the perpetrators are not themselves responsible for.

Furthermore, those agencies involved in using certain information for validation are required to secure, not I, or you. Otherwise we are taking on the burden of self-security without any knowledge of the actual risks.

An example case was the invention of “identity theft”. Identity theft did not always exist as a concept and only arose about 20 years ago. Now it is commonplace, yet it is still a questionable term. That it was created, and then disseminated such that it became familiar, and a market opened, does not mean it is real or as risky as portrayed. Consider that before it was not considered a risk but identity theft would always have been a risk.

When “Identity Theft” was first beginning to be discussed in the news I was suspicious and wondered immediately how any individual would not have recourse if a theft occurred. If a theft occurred, the thief is the one responsible, and organizations holding data need to do what they can do to prevent leakage, and need to find methods of verification that are reliable despite information that could be obtained around the web, even through “hacks”. We’ve heard of some notable hacks of the government and large corporations, but none of us are aware of unreported hacks, and have no idea what data is being sold or is available to engineers maintaining systems. I am a former software architect and am now a management consultant in the software industry, and recognize that no individual could ever truly safeguard, and all insurance necessary, and means of returning funds, and correcting identity issues, cannot rest on the individual.

In any case, enjoy. These are my prints. If anyone wants to validate that this is my website, they can check my prints.

See how there are also other benefits to sharing?

Sunday, December 27th, 2020

Third Class Medical Certification

Below is my recent third class medical certificate, obtained from a doctor allowed to perform FAA medical exams, in the state of Hawaii.

My last third class medical certification expired several years ago, and now that I’m wanting to continue flight, I was required to get a new certificate to ensure that I’m healthy enough to fly the type of aircraft I’ve been accustomed to in flight training. This is not required if you fly a sport plane only, or an ultralight– so for people who believe they cannot pass this medical exam, there are still avenues for pursuing flight in a way that is still very free and satisfying.

During this exam it was found that I have 20/20 vision and am generally in good health, and can fly without any corrective lenses.

Interestingly, though, I do have the urge to wear glasses and corrective lenses, even if I’m able to read 20/20, because it does not appear that 20/20 is what anyone could consider “perfect vision”. It is not perfect vision, if one is able to discern that one could see better, and more comfortably, with aids, rather than no aid at all. 20/20 vision is merely an agreed upon standard for what the minimal acceptable vision is for pusuing certain activities. Some call this perfect vision, and that is certainly not the case. My vision has been in the 20/15 or lower range with lenses.

With this medical certification I do not require any confirmation about my fitness to fly for 5 years, since I obtained it before my 40th birthday. If I were to obtain this on or after my 40th birthday, I would need to be tested more frequently, ever two years if I’m not mistaken.

There are more stringent medical exams for those who will operate airlines and so on, and this is where the second and first class exams become required, and potentially others as well (this I do not know).

Strong Interest Inventory Results, from February 25th, 2006.

Not only will I be posting results for physiological examinations, I will be posting psychological tests as well, like this copy of the Strong Interest Inventory, and the Myers Briggs, and others I might take in the nearish future.

I think that the Strong Interest Inventory has something to it. I ended up becoming a consultant; a technologist. However, I'm a natural attorney as well. And this very early strong interest inventory suggests that I had quite a lot in common with lawyers. I think I would score differently today. However, I'm in a lawsuit, and I can tell from my experience that I would really like being a lawyer, even today, after I've changed so much.

Mattanaw's Strong Interest Inventory. 14 Pages. PDF

Recent blood test results, from August 8th, 2019.

This document has three pages, and scans are shown below. PDF

Areas I'm most interested in, are

Blood test results, from January 2nd, 2018.

This document has two pages, and scans are shown below. PDF

Notice that the results of this test are roughly consistent with the previous test, except with a slightly higher white blood cell count. At this time I was consuming cheese for a period of time, so this could be the reason why it is slightly higher than the most recent blood test.

My ketone level was high as well, and this is consistent with a previous blood test I took around 2009, when I cycled to my doctor visit. It appears the cause of this is dehydration at the time of the test. I will attempt to confirm this by being dehydrated during my next visit.