Humor and Life Categories

Tuesday, June 20th, 2022, at 11:44 PM Alaska Time



In my life, over time, humor has oddly become somewhat absent. I think in part from less time spent with friends from youth who would encourage and expect jokes and goofy behavior, and also because of gradual communication disconnection with my ex-wife, who I was with for 19 years. Separated from my family, and divorced, and focusing more on work and friendships with colleagues and others disconnected with the silliness of my childhood, all became a bit more serious.

There was also a shift in attention to want of accomplishments and productions that would allow for lifelong ease, leisure and retirement. The change from being more humorous, and carefree, and unconcerned with occupation and completion of specific work objectives, did relate to work that I can expect and anticipate would allow for a greater amount of humor and freedom and carefree behavior than might exist if I hadn’t cared at all about certain attainments. Yet, I am not in a position now to say I have sufficiently retained or developed my humor. It exists and is pitched at times, but is not really continuous throughout the course of my days.

This was a category also placed on my log in my Personal Form, and like my section on music and art, it went years without being filled in with notes, developments or recommendations. Now that I’m revisiting this approach to self-development with these life-categories using more deliberate methods, I’ve recognized the gap and have created more priority.

For now this section is merely to indicate that I value humor greatly and think it is a worthy category for inclusion in a system for creating a holistic high-quality life.

This website is primarily for myself. Some might think that an odd use of a publication. However, journal writing is for the self, and if published, I don’t think that changes the original purpose and utility. I will keep this page updated as I have developments, and perhaps will include humorous items here that may be of special interest. But the main objective will be to use this page for me to help my own life be more humorous than it is at present, and to develop myself in a way consistent with my earlier vision of making sure to include all aspects of a good life in my regular planning and tracking.