Created: Tuesday, June 29th, 2022

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Author: Mattanaw, Christopher Matthew Cavanaugh

Former Chief Architect, Adobe Systems

Current President/Advisor, Social Architects and Economists International.




While it may be possible to read though this website and have some understanding of the total topic, there are some demands on time and intelligence that are insurmountable for the most if not all readers, to come to a thorough understanding of what is being communicated. Articles may be read individually and usefully, and I fully encourage the reader to enjoy the various articles here published. However, this is a very large work. It is similar to a journal, or magazine of many issues, but there is an important difference: it is cohesive and comprehensive, and is intended to be a synthesis of technology and planning. Like a complete academic journal of many issues written over many years, it will not be possible for the reader to fully understand what is shared. Like a large and complex software solution, it cannot be expected that an individual reader can understand it all, or the intentions of the original authors, and architecture and plan, without additional aid and support; and even with that support, it is not anticipated that the primary author or architect’s mind would be known. A piece of technology, of many pieces with distributed interrelated documentation, may not be easily reverse-engineered, and in this case, the author already knows it is impossible. No ready will be able to cover all the material and the technology, and understand all that’s been presented in synthesis.

This website, and document, is one that requires certification if one wants to be able to claim more than a passing reader’s understanding of the material, and the claims that go beyond passing reading are controlled and owned by the author of this site. In other words, no reader may claim to 1) know the mind of the author on the basis of what he here freely published, 2) claim anything other than passing-reader status with respect to what is presented. Additional more specific claims to understanding are only achievable with certification, and are only revealed to serious students or researchers. In this way it is akin to what is encountered in software, since not all that the software comprises and not all of the software sales materials, and meanings of trainings that are sold, are known in advance of serious sales communications. I invite people who have special interest to request certification, and I will readily share what certification will entail for various costs and commitments.

One might consider this a somewhat strange addition to this website; but I assure the reader, this perspective is not only regular and commonplace for all certifications of anything where the reader might make a claim of what the author creates, it is also useful to your life, and your handling of your own legal affairs. Consider that a reader of a publication may be inclined to use that material to claim you think a certain way in court. Using that material in court, they may claim that they understand how you think apart from the article, or how you consider it to fit in with other parts of your work, or life, or goals, or designs. When I mention that a reader or researcher is a passing reader by default, I mean no offense: that is what I am when I read briefly off of someone else’s site, or publication, or if I talk to them for a first time, or share only a few conversations with them. These short communications have not prepared me for any special claim to larger or total knowledge of a person’s mind, plans, designs, goals, or total technology created.

This is a technology solution and not only a writing, but as a writing it is also complex and interrelated, and very large (at present well over 300,000 words), and for this reason it is necessary to protect from pretend experts of the material. I am willing to extend expertise to the reader if the reader is willing to invest in getting certified. However, almost all material is shared already on this site, so I do not want to dissuade the reader from reading freely, from all that has been provided.

This is not a work of religion but does replace religion, and is a religion in a legal sense, in that it replaces all that religion might do, for me. However, there is no superstition, or false promises of things that cannot be provided or are unreal. Religions are not freely available as some might claim, for gaining any level of accepted or authenticated understanding which allows someone to claim expertise. One must attend a theological seminary, or follow other avenues of hierarchical advancement, somewhat akin to exposure in other fields of work, and in education/academia, for finally being accepted or entitled, or given an elevated position of employment, which amount to formal and informal certifications.

This writing is akin to an honest and truthful founding of a religion, creating of a technology for life, an alternative moral system, a technology for mind publication, and for life taxonomy, and much more… It includes software, business processes, intellectual property, personal life processes, academic articles, technology designs, blended in a method of communication, on a software solution entirely created by the author. Software solutions are protected as being original designs but includes also all the site content.

If a reader wants to have some credibility more than a passive reader, like in obtaining employment in a specific position, or attaining a role in a church organization, or other religion, or getting certified for a specific controlled technology (even if available), or having a degree in a college, or having a diploma at a school, or showing mastery by taking a standard test, it is necessary to get certified.

Program Details

More details on specifics of the program that can be shared in advance of getting notified of serious interest will be provided soon.

For now, what can be said is the starting program is roughly as indicated below, and costs $12,000 USD.

Additional materials and time from the author are part of this commitment to more seriously become knowledgeable with this system, beyond what is provided on this website.

The author would like to work with readers who are interested, but being realistic, there are risks to the author. The author, in a similar capacity to an employer, has final discretion concerning who might be admitted or worked with for certification. Like a university, initially there are safety considerations. Following safety considerations, are other risks. Finally there is time and available resources which would justify expenditure. I care about consumerism, and I want anyone who spends resources to have plenty provided in return.

Interested readers can contact the author at:

Please provide the following information with any sent email:

Subject: Your name, and interest in getting certified.


  1. Who you are, and links to your public social media profiles, and contact details.
  2. Your resume. Here is mine for transparency. Mattanaw’s Resume
  3. Your interest and proclivity to the material on this website, apart from certification. What have you read?
  4. Please summarize the author’s meaning, in your estimation, of one article you’ve read. (I would not consider certifying someone who does not appear to get close as to the author’s meaning, reading materials, the reader claims to have been interested in. I.e. caring about consumerism, I know you would not learn from me, if my voice were not already partly understood in my mode of communication. Why hear me explain in the same mode of communication if that communication is not understood).
  5. What do you hope to receive in getting certified? What are your interest and how might that fit in with certification potentially? (I can tailor materials for your interests).
  6. Some employment or life goals, as you think of them currently.

Anything malicious found will result in immediate discard of any message received, protecting the attention and mind of the author.

I may be able to support on reducing the fee for those who might not have optimal financial conditions.


On initially announcing this certification program, a few in my network were somewhat curious about what could be of value in this program. The reader should not be confused, as there are definite tangible values of this program.

It is believed that the professional reference alone may be worth the entire certification, but the author thinks there is no question the others and more additionally fully and completely overtake participant expenditures.

First Notice of Cert Requirements

Below is the first plan for the certification, shared on the ThoughtStream.

Tuesday, June 29th, 2021,

Announcing the Mattanaw Certification Program.

Mattanaw cannot be understood without taking this program.

Yes, it is true, Mattanaw provides useful and interesting postings that may provide some information around Mattanaw’s religion and philosophy, but it cannot be fully known, and he cannot be understood, until the certification program has been completed.

Some simple elements of the certification program.

If you would like to join the certification program, please send a one time donation of

$12,000 USD


Mattanaw’s Paypal.

and send your name and contact information to


You can expect a response within one week.

Readers are not discouraged from reading. Like many readers, the site may only be of periodic interest.

However, Mattanaw cannot be claimed to have been “understood” without certification, in any context, including any legal context, to the extent, but not limited to this extent, that any excerpt read in isolation could be grossly misinterpreted. Mattanaw’s writings cannot have legal meaning without full knowledge achievable in the certification program.

Substantial aptitude is required for full understanding. However, Mattanaw will still provide certification for a subset of his mind, for those who are unable to complete the entire certification.

Additional details will be provided upon receiving donation, and donations are refundable if one decides not to begin the program, after considering the new information received.

This post is not intended to be humorous in any way, and is entirely serious. This is mentioned only due to the introduction to the ThoughtStream, which could lead one to believe, that each and every posting on the ThoughtStream, including this one, could be merely a passing thought, or a thought without complete commitment or seriousness. This posting, concerning Mattanaw’s Certification, is entirely genuine, and legally binding.